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FVF Hospitality - delivering highly qualified talent across London

We are hospitality recruitment specialists

We are a recruitment company specialising in Hospitality and Events contingency and permanent recruitment with access to a diverse pool of candidates from the United Kingdom and abroad. Our team has over 15 years of experience in talent selection and we have developed a thorough and effective interview process to identify and match the right candidate to your needs.

Since our creation, we differentiated ourselves through a consultative approach to pinpoint our customers’ unique needs in light of their ethos and clientele. We also pride ourselves in supporting the smooth transition of the selected new team members into your company which ultimately results in better retention long term.

Our services

At FVF Hospitality we deliver highly qualified prospects in contingent staffing and permanent recruitment. We identify and select individuals that match your business's unique requirements, goals, culture, and industry through our talent resourcing and personnel management expertise.

Our candidate’s reach is extensive and we can fulfil requirements for all types of positions from Back of House and Front of House services such as housekeeping, front desk, concierge, assistants, all levels of kitchen staff including chefs, sous-chefs and managers.

Why partner with us

We understand the importance of hiring and retaining the right team to achieve your business objectives. You will be able to acquire applicants quickly and effectively, even for niche skill sets, confidently make job offers, reduce time-to-fill, and retain quality talent.

The FVF Hospitality recruiting consultants have extensive expertise in customer services training and talent acquisition as well as first hand experience in the Hospitality industry. This gives us a unique competitive edge to find the right staff to help you deliver a world-class experience and exceptional service to your customers.

FVF Security

Bespoke security operations in London

We have an exceptional proactive team that is trained to act instead of react, and solve issues before they arise. We can confidently provide exceptional customer service with the unconditional commitment to giving the highest level of service regardless of the circumstances.